All we need is a `Contact`

Ignorant snobs

Most of the people i meet in my everyday life are dumb and ignorant. People are more happy with their imaginary friends on their side. They either don`t care about the cosmic beauty or the true meaning of life. These are the same kind of people who don`t believe in evolution but do believe the fact that some man who lives in the empty void space above the sky created the whole world in 6 days.

Religion has been a nuisance and the most important drawback for humans as a species to move forward and explore the vast cosmos. Religion has been here with us for a long time and it`s not easy to curb it.

So here i am sitting on my desk and thinking about the ways to influence people or change their views about god and science. One of the best thoughts i had would be an extensive scientific hoax targeted on the E.T. program.

Imagine if you wake up tomorrow and come to know that some alien race has finally contacted Earth. The aliens have set up a communication system and are able to send and receive information. And they are technologically far more advanced than us . And what if they are able to disproof the existence of god and all supernatural entities.

What will be the reaction of these religious fanatics,will they still stick to their imaginary friends? Or will they join us in leaning the new way of life through the aliens.

I think it would bring a great change. I think all we need is that all the physicists and astronomers should unite and plan this extensive hoax and help bring the change we all are waiting for.

Sometimes a well articulated lie is all we need as hope. That`s what they did with religion and faith for  hundreds of years. They kept filling our minds with lies and false hope through religion. But now we need a hoax from science.


7 thoughts on “All we need is a `Contact`

  1. I guess my question is how do Aliens prove it one way or another anymore than us? The premise of such an argument is that someday humans will definatively know or be capable of knowing, but that requires steping out of the universe and looking back in… a “religious like” illumination. It seems that to solve religion you propose one would use religious methods and claim that such “religion-likeness” is gonna free you from religious trappings. Seems circular.

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  2. The problem with a hoax is we are then no better than the people we are trying to convince. From my perspective watching videos of space exploration, the religious just keep saying ‘wow, God is great’ as if they feel their belief threatened yet shout Gods name to distract them back to religion. It’s a great shame. It’s not all about evidence sadly, it’s about what people want to believe. I don’t even know if alien life would convince people.

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    1. You are right,it`s not about the proof. It`s all about the belief and faith of people. But still i hope the existence of alien life would certainly at least bring us human beings together as a species.

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    1. Wasn`t that how it all started,i do understand that religion emerged as a means of providing social and economic stability to large populations in the Axial age,and the spiritual leaders of that time might had good plans for people.
      And i myself never favor lies,i seek the truth,but i was talking about the dumb people who ought to believe in lies rather than the truth.

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  3. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the idea of Absurdism, but the basic concept is that, humans seek meaning and answers that they can never truly find. Therefore, they have three choices 1) suicide, 2) belief in some ignorant, but comforting spiritual truth, or 3) accept that they likely have no purpose. Of course the ideal and “true” choice would be to accept that they aren’t special, but due to the plague of religion, many people can’t live without feeling that they have some kind of importance. Therefore, many philosophers believe that average, ignorant people need a religion, even if it makes no sense. Now, personally, I believe that religion should be destroyed, but realistically another lie that is less ignorant might be better for the people. Perhaps an alien story like you suggested, or a peaceful religion like Buddhism would be a good step. However, most religious people won’t believe that aliens disprove god. If you study the history of religion, you’ll note that the successful religions took a religion that people were already comfortable with, and they tweaked it to say what they wanted. If you want mass change, the best way to achieve it would be to tweak the Christian religion, and possibly the Muslim religion along with it. (They were both based on Judaism, so similar “beginning” stories) I actually did a psychology experiment where I did just that and presented it to 10 people (Christians), and 9 of them believed it. Once I told them I made it up, 2 of them even argued for it’s truth saying something like “even if we haven’t found the actual documentation, it makes sense though. It answers all the questions that the Bible doesn’t.” People just need something to feel safe, so they’ll always hold onto comforting fairy tales.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your views. I too believe it`s all absurd,we don`t need a purpose in life,after all our effect on the vast cosmos is nil. One of the tragic misstep in evolution of humans as i believe was their self obsession,their self imagined self importance. And in this ignorance humans created God,heaven and everything supernatural. God was created because humans wanted to feel special so they imagined a super being,a creator for themselves. Humans were scared of death,so they created heaven,a imaginary place where you live happily till eternity. Basically speaking,it`s fear that controls all humans. In attempt to fight their fear,the weaker ones need a helping hand. And that`s how they are exploited,on account of their fear.

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