The silent rape

Ignorant snobs

In a country like India,not a day passes when you don`t come across a rape news. But what most of the people are unaware of is that there are two major types of rape in our country.

The first one where a unknown person tears off your clothes and rapes you.

The other one is arranged marriage,where your family spends lacs of money,buys you all kind of fancy clothes,and in the end you get fucked by an unknown man.

The only difference is in the latter one you get to wear your best clothes,and your whole family knows you are getting fucked.

And in the end your family seems to be happy and relieved.

All we need is a `Contact`

Ignorant snobs

Most of the people i meet in my everyday life are dumb and ignorant. People are more happy with their imaginary friends on their side. They either don`t care about the cosmic beauty or the true meaning of life. These are the same kind of people who don`t believe in evolution but do believe the fact that some man who lives in the empty void space above the sky created the whole world in 6 days.

Religion has been a nuisance and the most important drawback for humans as a species to move forward and explore the vast cosmos. Religion has been here with us for a long time and it`s not easy to curb it.

So here i am sitting on my desk and thinking about the ways to influence people or change their views about god and science. One of the best thoughts i had would be an extensive scientific hoax targeted on the E.T. program.

Imagine if you wake up tomorrow and come to know that some alien race has finally contacted Earth. The aliens have set up a communication system and are able to send and receive information. And they are technologically far more advanced than us . And what if they are able to disproof the existence of god and all supernatural entities.

What will be the reaction of these religious fanatics,will they still stick to their imaginary friends? Or will they join us in leaning the new way of life through the aliens.

I think it would bring a great change. I think all we need is that all the physicists and astronomers should unite and plan this extensive hoax and help bring the change we all are waiting for.

Sometimes a well articulated lie is all we need as hope. That`s what they did with religion and faith for  hundreds of years. They kept filling our minds with lies and false hope through religion. But now we need a hoax from science.